J. L. BELL is a Massachusetts writer who specializes in (among other things) the start of the American Revolution in and around Boston. He is particularly interested in the experiences of children in 1765-75. He has published scholarly papers and popular articles for both children and adults. He was consultant for an episode of History Detectives, and contributed to a display at Minute Man National Historic Park.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Twitter Feed, 13-22 May 2010

  • RT @unionparkpress: "Milch Cow" returns to Boston Common ht.ly/1KdRm #BostonCommon #Cows #
  • RT @dancohen: Facebook's privacy policy is now longer than the U.S. Constitution, with 170 options: nyti.ms/ctwKJB (via @nickbilton) #
  • From @lucyinglis, the street cries of Georgian London: bit.ly/c0vKx7 Probably far fewer in 1700s Boston. #
  • Two Revolutionary War veterans in western Massachusetts turn to crime in 1783: bit.ly/a9899k #
  • RT @jimhill: Time to paint a young Ben Franklin. #
  • Photo tour of Philadelphia neighborhood with 18th-century roots: bit.ly/ay6wca #
  • Thomas Jefferson's famous mammoth cheese, and its political significance: bit.ly/c603xt #
  • NPR coverage of Jack Rakove's book REVOLUTIONARIES: n.pr/brOp4G #
  • Tim Abbott traces the path of Henry Knox and ordnance from Fort Ticonderoga to Boston: bit.ly/drNHR2 #
  • RT @bostonhistory: Just Added at Teach History: The Edwards Family Home Site in Boston's North End. tinyurl.com/36a94rd #
  • "Handful of children's gravestones that name a mother, but no father. All of these are the gravestones of slaves": bit.ly/cbR8mL #
  • Photos and link for Caitlin G D Hopkins's paper on Newport gravestone carver Pompe Stevens: bit.ly/9mqcZD #
  • The PR campaign for Michael Bellesiles's new book is astonishing in its effrontery: bit.ly/dzgMUd #
  • More on historian Stephen Ambrose's relationship with subject DD Eisenhower (via @ToddHouse via @sally_j): bit.ly/bcWBdC #
  • Looking Backward waves to Dr John Jeffries, 1st US aeronaut: bit.ly/9f9aaf Long version of his life starts here: bit.ly/a7B4IV #
  • .@publichistorian: Related: should I reread Archer's Goon for the thirtieth (fiftieth?) time? #yes // Of course. #
  • RT @LizB: about to start SONS OF LIBERTY #comics: Revolutionary War, 2 runaway slaves...w/ superpowers. #
  • .@chasingray Take care w/SONS OF LIBERTY comic. Two of that title. Marshall Poe's has no superpowers, mistaken history. bit.ly/cxdSDq #
  • Reporter Joe Mozingo's search for family name takes him back to colonial Virginia slave (via @ToddHouse @InnerCompass): bit.ly/cO1HcX #
  • Unskillfully but doggedly carved gravestone for a 5-yr-old child, Brooklyn, CT, 1754: bit.ly/cFmnzy #
  • Conference on historical prints, fact and fiction, at Worcester in Nov 2010: bit.ly/9vmtrt #
  • Exploring the engravings of Paul Revere at the American Antiquarian Society: bit.ly/cO42ux #
  • RT @CLTcurator: irked that I can't find digitized version of a particular 18th c. legal manual. O the lofty expectations we have nowadays! #
  • RT @PaulRevere1734: May 19th - 1766 saw Fireworks marking repeal of Stamp Act, 1780 Sky so dark by Noon I could hardly see my way h ome. #
  • RT @history_book: Wellspring of Liberty: How Virginia's Religious Dissenters Helped Win the American Revolution bit.ly/b4OMJM #
  • Anti-abortion movement seizing Susan B. Anthony as their own on dubious historical grounds: bit.ly/9xeE3V #
  • Coming to your TV this fall—Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, the Marquis de la Fayette: bit.ly/dooP6K #
  • "18th-c image that suggests that sexual humiliation of detainees may have deep roots in the American psyche"? bit.ly/co84Gj #
  • Recent papers on tea protests, John Q. Adams's courtship, feuding Continental Navy captains & Essex County furniture: bit.ly/csxJIF #
  • RT @Jurretta: History conferences can be dishwater dull. I'm willing to bet this one will be the opposite bit.ly/9EMy3E #
  • @opheliacat I don't think anyone's image of Columbia in Native dress inspired disguises at Tea Party. Men just wanted to hide their faces. #
  • @opheliacat Then newspapers emphasized "Mohawks" as a way to talk about tea rioters as somehow separate from town. Image stuck and grew. #
  • @opheliacat Upcoming book by @bencarp will say more about Native symbolism at Boston Tea Party, and what led to what. #
  • Families invited to bike in Minute Man Park, 20 June: www.friendsofminuteman.org/blog/?p=748 #
  • George Washington Book Prize winners, via @jbd1: philobiblos.blogspot.com/2010/05/beeman-wins-george-washington-book.html #
  • Some colonial Americans' libraries, via probate records and @jbd1: philobiblos.blogspot.com/2010/05/new-lea-libraries-added.html #
  • Another redcoat soldier unlucky enough to get into a fight with an officer--guess who wins every time: bit.ly/azxEmD #
  • Michael Kenney reviews Marla Miller's new bio of Betsy Ross in BOSTON GLOBE: bit.ly/bMLt38 #
  • "What may be America's oldest silver dollar" from 1794 reported to sell for ~$8 million: bit.ly/bXBR0n #
  • In Pennsylvania today! Local news on commemoration of Oney Judge, escaped from President's mansion in 1796: bit.ly/9yhv5N #
  • Report on fatal explosion at New Hampshire black powder factory: bit.ly/bvnsvE Old-fashioned gunpowder is still mighty powerful! #
  • In Brandywine River valley, ran across flyer for self-published historical thriller called LAFAYETTE'S GOLD: lafayettesgold.com/ #

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