J. L. BELL is a Massachusetts writer who specializes in (among other things) the start of the American Revolution in and around Boston. He is particularly interested in the experiences of children in 1765-75. He has published scholarly papers and popular articles for both children and adults. He was consultant for an episode of History Detectives, and contributed to a display at Minute Man National Historic Park.

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Monday, February 28, 2011

Twitter Feed, 22-26 Feb 2011

After two weeks off the air, Loudtwitter returned as silently as it had disappeared.

  • From NY TIMES, tryouts for the Washington Nationals' "Racing Presidents" mascots (incl. Washington, Jefferson): nyti.ms/eJYwaw #
  • BOSTON GLOBE editorial about statue of Dr Joseph Warren, now at school where he studied (and briefly taught): bit.ly/fVyly1 #
  • In Dr Warren's day, Roxbury Latin was public school in Roxbury. Now a private school in West Roxbury suburb. Class issues arise. #
  • Boston Tree Party wants volunteers to plant apple trees in city this spring: bit.ly/fGtJi2 (Dr. Warren's father would approve.) #
  • From NY TIMES oped page, Scott Casper on "Rebranding Mount Vernon" in late 1800s: nyti.ms/dVrLf9 #
  • Website for PBS documentary on Gilbert Stuart's portrait of George Washington: tinyurl.com/4gqzcny (h/t @illustr8r) #
  • From Ta-Nehisi Coates, remembering Oney Judge, escapee from the Presidential mansion: bit.ly/hiczM2 #
  • Monticello scholars using Google track some of Thos Jefferson's books to Washington U in St. Louis: bit.ly/gkKTEI (h/t @elektratig) #
  • RT @NewDeal20: Palin & Bachmann Would Call 18th-c. Philadelphia Freedom Fighters 'Un-American'" bit.ly/hXR8Vh by @WilliamHogeland #
  • RT @WilliamHogeland: I'm writing new series "Founding Finance" for @newdeal20 www.newdeal20.org/ Economic radicalism of the 18thC. #
  • RT @bencarp: Why the President Got Sexified shar.es/3YbMY // Did it really start with JFK? What about Pierce, Harding? #
  • RT @bencarp: Now listed as a prize-winner: Defiance of the Patriots, Yale University Press shar.es/3Yopk #
  • RT @amhistorymuseum: Today in 1792: Postal Service Act regulates US Post Office Department. ow.ly/1br0sp #
  • RT @amhistorymuseum: Today in 1885: The Washington Monument is dedicated. Image of it during construction: ow.ly/3Nkab #
  • RT @2nerdyhistgirls: In honor of birthday: the ever-evolving Washington Cake: bit.ly/gVVK0Y #historicfood #President'sDay #
  • RT @A FBurialGrndNPS: #Virginia's Great Dismal Swamp hosted self-emancipated #Africans in 18th century: ow.ly/3ZZS2 #
  • RT @BostonHistory: Historic Newspapers - Original or reprint? How to tell the difference. ow.ly/40EYc #
  • RT @TheOnion: Report: Presidents Washington Through Bush May Have Lied About Key Matters onion.com/aCKr0k #presidentsday #
  • RT @smithsonian How do curators @amhistorymuseum authenticate objects? Washington's masonic apron, pt 1 ow.ly/41haD #
  • RT @Taylor_Stoermer: joys of the long s. RT @footnotesrising: just searched on "apoftolic" in early american imprints and got 1244 results? #
  • RT @rarenewspapers: REVOLUTIONARY WAR Ending ? British Say 1776 Newspaper * - eBay (item 390291612822): bit.ly/dYC5sc #
  • RT @rarenewspapers: HORATIO GATES Charleston SC Revolutionary War Newspaper - eBay (item 390291615652): bit.ly/g2ezjy #
  • RT @CitizenWald: ~1780 house in Dudley, MA under demolition order. Owner will sell for $1. Must be moved. bit.ly/gLuZk9 #
  • Should Boston's Greenway have a bronze statue of Johnny Tremain? bit.ly/gGLUZH #
  • RT @Readex: From AAS's Past Is Present, Fraud Week, Part 2: Will the Real George Washington Please Sign Here? - bit.ly/h4Ru32 #
  • RT @RagLinen: 40,000 to 80,000 Men in Arms On Their Way To Boston, Sept 1774 bt.io/GjHq #
  • RT @ResObscura: Did Newton really destroy the @royalsociety portrait of Robert Hooke? Probably not, says historian: bit.ly/hMpVoK #
  • RT @shperdue: Archivist Ferriero on putting the Founding Fathers Papers free online by Rotunda/UVA Press bit.ly/eLKb3M #
  • From Nat'l Heritage Museum, prints commemorating death of George Washington: bit.ly/fo15f9 #
  • Two British jailbirds appear to turn their lives around by joining the British army in #RevWar: bit.ly/f38z3v #
  • Archeological analysis of bottles, other material from Gen. Washington's headquarters in Cambridge, MA: bit.ly/hAB2gp #
  • RT @jmadelman: And just for fun, Franklin's 1728 epitaph for himself, via @librarycompany yfrog.com/h045ungj #
  • RT @BostonHistory: Paul Revere House distributes public notice for review of Lathrop Place expansion. ow.ly/43AjM #
  • BBC reports rare Button Gwinnett signature found in parish marriage ledger—could be worth $$$, but can't be sold because it's govt record. #
  • RT @2palaver: Some interesting speakers: Hingham Library to host series on life in New England 3/5, 3/26, 4/16 bit.ly/i9f30a #
  • RT @AFBurialGrndNPS:@howardu students built a memorial to the #african burial ground at George Washington's plantation ow.ly/43HIV #

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