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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

No Harm from Fire at the Boston Tea Party Museum

Adam Salsman has posted a bunch of photos of the fire at the Boston Tea Party Museum site last night, including this one. (Thanks to Universal Hub for the link.)

Fortunately, today’s Boston Globe report says, nothing of value was damaged. The building has been empty for years, and was slated for demolition anyway. The reconstructed tea ship Beaver was removed for repair a few years ago. And, as this site explores in exhaustive detail, the museum isn’t even on the original site of Griffin’s Wharf, which is now quite inland.

When the museum reopens, it will probably feature the Robinson tea chest, which appears to be an authentic relic of Boston’s tea trade before the Revolutionary War. Today’s newspaper report also says:

The plans for the new museum call for the addition of replicas of the Dartmouth and the Eleanor, the two other ships raided by colonists in 1773.
That will be three times as impressive, and a considerable expense.

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Tealaden said...

Glad to here there was nothing valuable damaged. Hope the repairs are done soon - we are visiting there early next year. Loose teas by www.tealaden.com