J. L. BELL is a Massachusetts writer who specializes in (among other things) the start of the American Revolution in and around Boston. He is particularly interested in the experiences of children in 1765-75. He has published scholarly papers and popular articles for both children and adults. He was consultant for an episode of History Detectives, and contributed to a display at Minute Man National Historic Park.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Twitter Feed, 15-25 July 2010

  • Exploring 18thConnect, "a community of scholars that shapes the world of digital resources" on 1700s: http://www.18thconnect.org/
  • WASHINGTON POST review of Jaffe's KING'S BEST HIGHWAY: http://bit.ly/cJ4VPs "how to fashion narrative tension out of…a compendium"?
  • Via @JBD1, retraction of dubious story in Michael Bellesiles's CHRONICLE OF HIGHER ED oped: http://bit.ly/9Gu8Yc Imagine the odds.
  • Eius Liber, new blog on grad-studenting in New England intellectual history: http://eiusliber.blogspot.com/
  • NY TIMES BOOK REVIEW on Jack Rakove's REVOLUTIONARIES: http://nyti.ms/a26aA5 “The Revolution made them as much as they made the Revolution.”
  • From @WilliamHogeland, more #RevWar historians from the left, including the excellent, daunting work of Dirk Hoerder: http://bit.ly/9t4rQ4
  • Letter from Dr Thomas Young, late of Boston, to folks in that new country called Vermont, via @WilliamHogeland: http://bit.ly/aWiHUE
  • RT @executedtoday: #onthisday 24 July 1794, #usa revolutionary hero Thomas Paine was set for execution in #fra; a fluke illness saved him
  • RT @wceberly: 234 yrs today, Jul 24, 1776, In letter to Maj Genl Phillip Schuyler, Congressional Pres John Hancock accuses officer. ...
  • RT @alberkes: A Little Piece of Monticello http://fb.me/FmTAOZYS
  • RT @universalhub: Tea Party rally in Lexington canceled http://bit.ly/9zmlMc
  • @56Signers Thanks for praise and link to Richard Stockton postings.
  • COMMON-PLACE review of Manegold's TEN HILLS FARM, about Medford slaveholders: http://bit.ly/ceT8qo
  • COMMON-PLACE review of Jarvis's IN THE EYE OF ALL TRADE, about Bermuda's place in 18c British Empire: http://bit.ly/a2WIMC
  • COMMON-PLACE review of Archer's AS IF AN ENEMY'S COUNTRY, about Boston Massacre: http://bit.ly/a84vyx
  • RT @WilliamHogeland: For my leftist founding-history reading list: http://tinyurl.com/385gegk (Will do my Tory historians next.)
  • RT @NorthShorePatch: Who were Marblehead's Revolutionary War veterans? Historians search for answers. -- http://patch.com/A-xNP
  • @classroomtools Right wing believes its own claims about political ownership of the American founding.
  • RT @alberkes: This review of the Adams-Jefferson Letters made me cry. Like a baby. I admit it! http://fb.me/F7FrZlLO
  • RT @WilliamHogeland: #FoxNews and WSJ give "Declaration 1776" the most attention, yet some call me @Marxist. What gives, #tcot, #marklevin?
  • From Providence, wife's gravestone, husband's cenotaph, spouses died 31 years apart: http://bit.ly/abbkcB
  • Along the King's Highway looks at Minuteman statues: http://bit.ly/duqzYW
  • Peeking in on original jail of Fort Mackinac, built as British outpost in 1779: http://bit.ly/dynAvw
  • Why does download of Cambridge commission's report on Henry Louis Gates arrest look like a blank white page? http://bit.ly/aqAsiy
  • RT @dancohen: history museums & societies grappling w/ whether to trust user-generated content: http://bit.ly/9Q1TKj via @archivesnext
  • RT @ValleyForgeNHP: Check out what the archaeologists found this weekend from the Washington's HQ dig site! http://ow.ly/2dWiC
  • Via C-SPAN, Dennis Fradin on book 56 SIGNERS about Declaration of Independence for young readers: http://cs.pn/bbR4RG
  • RT @HistoryNet: Daily Quiz for July 20, 2010: During the American Revolution, Gnadenhutten Massacre was in what state? http://bit.ly/d2mNMo
  • Vast Public Indifference reports on will of Lydia Dyer, refugee from army-occupied Boston in 1775: http://bit.ly/97XnIp
  • RT @universalhub: Are feds misnaming Revolutionary naval battle? http://bit.ly/9yV1yd
  • RT @history_book: Colonial Georgia & the Creeks: Anglo-Indian Diplomacy on the Southern Frontier, 1733-1763 - Juricek.
  • RT @amhistorymuseum: Is your favorite history museum on our Twitter list? Whom are we missing? http://bit.ly/bwjSSf
  • Addressing legend of British soldiers' widows having to remarry quickly thru actual data: http://bit.ly/cBdfnF
  • RT @opheliacat: RT @Gothamist High-Tech Scanning Of 18th Century Ship At WTC Site http://bit.ly/bE5mMc
  • RT @cliotropic: Listening to @TheHuntington's podcasts: Gordon-Reed's "The Hemingses: Writing the Life…" http://bit.ly/9Ftysg
  • Seeking info on Mary William Greely Goodridge, author of "Dorothy Dudley" diary of siege of Boston 1775-76. Found birth date, not much else.
  • Finding it much faster to write 750 words of my own from scratch than to edit 450 of someone else's. Don't have to mind-meld.
  • RT @alberkes: I just discovered that Jefferson called his sister Elizabeth "Bet." (She died in 1774) http://fb.me/BDZkvBxS
  • Rereading review of Brendan McConville's KING'S THREE FACES, about Americans' intellectual break with monarchy: http://bit.ly/9mTEx4
  • From SMITHSONIAN, on the trail of Benedict Arnold in London: http://bit.ly/cys7xk
  • @cliotropic Other recent Pope Night analyses in McConville's KING'S THREE FACES and Bostonian Society website: http://bit.ly/3lKvYX
  • @cliotropic Friend working on Pope Night can check out the DUBLIN SEMINAR PROCEEDINGS for 2000, 2002: http://bit.ly/dzGuuT
  • One of my first history publications was on Dusimitiere's drawings of Pope Night 1767 in Boston. Those are in Philly. The man got around.
  • Mystery watercolor of Charleston's Drayton Hall found, may be by Pierre Eugene Dusimitiere: http://nyti.ms/clrt1G
  • Ship's hull from c1800, other artifacts unearthed from site of World Trade Center: nyti.ms/d9ZbTV #
  • RT @lucyinglis: Georgian London to have and to hold, brought to you by Penguin post.ly/nGFG // Felicitations! #
  • RT @teachinghistory: New Website Review: Coming of the American Revolution - 15 topical essays & 150+ primary sources: bit.ly/a6dAD5 #
  • From @quackwriter, 1739 London ad for "Angelick Snuff": bit.ly/bvWasv #
  • View of Boston Common in 1768 plus talks on Boston's outdoor spaces in next few weeks: bit.ly/dbdPpR #
  • Fun this AM polishing short essay on Anthony Haswell—immigrant, teenaged apprentice, printer. Didn't get to him jailed under Sedition Act. #
The service I was using to collect these tweets automatically has ended, so the format changes partway through this roundup. I’m looking for a replacement.

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