J. L. BELL is a Massachusetts writer who specializes in (among other things) the start of the American Revolution in and around Boston. He is particularly interested in the experiences of children in 1765-75. He has published scholarly papers and popular articles for both children and adults. He was consultant for an episode of History Detectives, and contributed to a display at Minute Man National Historic Park.

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Twitter Feed Returns, 13-26 Dec 2010

Loudtwitter is back! Thanks to all the programmers who’ve volunteered their knowledge and time to create that service. It allows me once more to post the Boston 1775 Twitter feed because it’s so much easier than writing an essay awesome.

(If any of the links below is a dead end, that’s because some extra characters snuck in during the transmission process. Try hitting the little hashtag at the end of that line and then clicking through the original link from the tweet page.)

  • 16:19 RT @56Signers: We filmed historical reenactment of #Yorktown Tea Party w/ Thos Nelson descendant. Nelson Vid: bit.ly/cyRQ4s #
  • 16:53 @marianpl Jack Rakove's AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARIES is thorough on issues and politics, but not stirring. #
  • 16:54 @marianpl Don Higginbotham's WAR OF AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE is still good on the military side. #
  • 16:55 @marianpl There are MANY aspects of the Revolution I'm still new to myself because I focus so tightly on one region and period. #
  • 17:03 @marianpl Just checked out Stokesbury's SHORT HISTORY OF THE AM REV. 300+ pages! But it was a LONG war, w/lots of politics on either side. #
  • 11:35 In this week in 1823, "Visit from St. Nick" published. In 1860, "Paul Revere's Ride." Now read the 1941 mashup: bit.ly/fchHKe #
  • 12:27 RT @amhistorymuseum: Today in 1783: George Washington resigns as commander in chief. ow.ly/3tLRr His battle sword: ow.ly/3tLRs #
  • 12:44 RT @AmerCreation: The "No Mr. Beck" Series nblo.gs/cb73o #
  • 22:48 Pauline Maier on the historic roots of the 2nd Amendment and what happened to our well-regulated militia: nyti.ms/gp2dsL #
  • 22:48 Kakutani in NY TIMES on Joseph Ellis on John and Abigail Adams: nyti.ms/hCQ2ZH #
  • 22:50 Early review of John Fea's WAS AMERICA FOUNDED AS A CHRISTIAN NATION?: bit.ly/fxKs9k #
  • 22:51 @JBD1 Wishing you smooth sailing on the digital seas! Will virtual libraries be as exciting as real ones? #
  • 23:01 A true Iraqi martyr, a Sunni policeman who grabbed a suicide bomber as he attacked a Shiite procession: nyti.ms/h33pap #
  • 12:20 RT @alexismadrigal: Edison Papers archive faces budget shortfall:is.gd/ja7TU // You'd think those would be electronic. #
  • 11:44 RT @56Signers: He paid for the #RevWar and ended up in jail. The tragedy of Robert Morris, signer:n.pr/hkuDaW #ushist #
  • 11:47 RT @gordonbelt: The great experiment in constitution-making: Jack Rakove reviews Pauline Maier's "Ratification" bit.ly/ihX7AV #
  • 11:50 RT @gordonbelt: Partners in revolution: Pauline Maier reviews "Madison and Jefferson" wapo.st/ek0MNK #
  • 11:52 RT @JBD1: On the MHS blog today, some of the "odder" curiosities in the collections - bit.ly/dRKGlz // James Otis relics! #
  • 11:58 RT @executedtoday: 12-year-old Hannah Ocuish was hanged in #Connecticut #onthisday 20 Dec 1786 ow.ly/3iAdo #
  • 12:26 Thomas B. Allen (TORIES) writes of #RevWar as a civil war in AMERICAN HERITAGE: bit.ly/eSlZXO #
  • 12:54 From US Intellectual History blog, praise for Pauline Maier's RATIFICATION: bit.ly/fU0Fvv #
  • 12:56 RT @history_book: Gov. Alexander Martin: North Carolina Revolutionary War Stateman - Charles D. Rodenbough. amzn.to/bjYQxS #
  • 00:17 American Antiquarian Socy acquires letters from Joseph Dennie (1768-1812) while he was rusticated from Harvard: bit.ly/dFDHTB #
  • 00:19 Godson's Brother (turning 10) will represent his school in the Townsend-Warner quiz on British history. Sample queries: bit.ly/hPK361 #
  • 23:22 From @CitizenWald, the Tea Party as myth, as historical parallel, as controversy: bit.ly/eke1qS #
  • 11:03 John Fea's review of Alan Houston's BENJAMIN FRANKLIN & THE POLITICS OF IMPROVEMENT: bit.ly/eSySg6 #
  • 11:09 RT @executedtoday: 18 December 1789: The Canadian Burglars bit.ly/hMOOL4 #history #tdih #
  • 11:10 RT @KevinLevin: Book Review - The Women Jefferson Loved - By Virginia Scharff - NYTimes.com ow.ly/3rfQ0 #
  • 11:13 RT @KevinLevin: Salvador Dali's Civil War Memory shar.es/XelPl // THIS would have been on Richmond's Monument Avenue?!! #
  • 11:14 RT @LeBlancLucieMC: Grand-Pré, Acadia Parish Registers 1707-1733 networkedblogs.com/bUpPA #
  • 11:15 RT @marianpl: Symbolic Past: John Woodman, W. Newbury, MA - 1787. Age 83 #genealogy ow.ly/3r9ql #
  • 11:15 RT @OldSaratogaHist: On this date in 1777, first National Thanksgiving was celebrated in honor of the American Victory at Saratoga #revwar #
  • 11:23 RT @Taylor_Stoermer: This date in 1764, Virginia House of Burgesses opposes threat of stamp tax thru messages to king & Parliament. #
  • 11:24 RT @history_geek: Stacy Schiff Shares Advice for Aspiring Biographers - ow.ly/3rhZE #
  • 11:25 RT @historytavern: "@Presidentfacts: John Quincy Adams(6th) is the first president to have had a photograph taken. twitpic.com/6lvup" #
  • 11:39 Stacy Schiff: "Nearly all documents of the French foreign ministry about American Revolution were composed to mislead." bit.ly/fUrHD3 #
  • 11:54 RT @carinr: Long-s issues: problematic for lexical data, but potential for typographic research? j.mp/dW3YAb bit.ly/hhJja4 #
  • 12:07 @HTClinic: "Department of Labor releases report listing good produced by child labor or forced labor." // Think you're missing an S. #
  • 12:47 When Longfellow first saw "Paul Revere's Ride" in print 150 years ago today, he was dismayed to spot a BIG typo: bit.ly/ikdRBR #
  • 21:12 Finding anti-slavery meaning in "Paul Revere' s Ride" - Jill Lepore in NY TIMES: nyti.ms/dRPQwB - at Boston1775: bit.ly/hMehQY #
  • 12:12 RT @mooresclassroom: Benjamin Franklin's 200+ synonyms for "Drunk" bit.ly/ffXzRE My favorite: "His Flag is Out" (via @mental_floss) #
  • 12:51 RT @NYPLMaps: Happy birthday Jane Austen! The author was born in Hampshire County, UK in 1775 map:... fb.me/CHBaFC5J #
  • 12:53 RT @WilliamHogeland: "Declaration 1776" *bargain-priced* hardcover all ready for Xmas: tinyurl.com/2bqgjgy #history #books #RevWar #
  • 13:26 RT @jondresner: Does having cup of tea on 237th #anniversary of original #TeaParty constitute a political statement? // Oops, already did. #
  • 00:38 Massachusetts Historical Socy's online treasures linked to the 1773 Boston Tea Party: www.masshist.org/blog/443 #
  • 00:42 Reply from @CapitalismNow, biographer of Samuel Adams, to @caleb_crain's take on Tea Party in NEW YORKER: bit.ly/ee9PRp #
  • 15:08 Online chat about Revolutionary America with Caleb Crain going on NOW at NEW YORKER: nyr.kr/eifn8d #
  • 15:10 NY TIMES's Edward Rothstein thinks "President's House" in Philadelphia raises too many unaddressed questions: nyti.ms/hP3gEF #
  • 15:01 RT @tompin: George Washington died 211 years ago today. Missed the 19th century by a few weeks. bit.ly/eSO8iw #ushistory #
  • 15:04 RT @history_book: Culture and Liberty in the Age of the American Revolution - by Michal Jan Rozbicki. amzn.to/dWFy4Z #
  • 15:27 @PaulRevereHouse Revere's 1791 letter to Washington asking for excise job suggests they had met but were not well acquainted. #
  • 15:33 RT @Readex: Undergraduate's Reflections on How Access to Newspapers Helped in researching Boston Tea Party reactions bit.ly/efLxhm #
  • 15:37 RT @visitvf: Huzzah! Huzzah! The Continental Army marches into Valley Forge NHP THIS Sun. 6-8pm. bit.ly/fo1Tj3 #
  • 15:57 RT @RagLinen: An unexpected consequence of the Boston Tea Party, 1773: ow.ly/3p9kJ #
  • 15:57 RT @PHLVisitorCntr: The President's House is ready to be seen! fb.me/PTwFzrGr #
  • 16:04 RT @NEHgov: NEH-supported scholar studies forgotten Founding Father John Dickinson, "Penman of the Revolution" bit.ly/e2qFhQ #
  • 16:04 Tracing the term "dystopia" to the mid-1700s, long before J. S. Mill used it: bit.ly/dVFdTk #
  • 16:26 @HistoricShed And of course it's always easier to get press for a NEW DISCOVERY. Even better if it UPENDS EVERYTHING YOU THOUGHT YOU KNEW! #
  • 23:15 Review of GEORGE WASHINGTON'S SOCKS, #RevWar time-travel adventure for middle-grade readers from 1991: bit.ly/eMLGWp #
  • 23:23 RT @larrycebula: Wanted: Founding Fathers northwesthistory.blogspot.com/2010/12/wanted-founding-fathers.html #
  • 23:26 RT @marianpl: Symbolic Past: Joseph Bates, Bellingham, MA - 1793. #genealogy ow.ly/3piNZ #
  • 23:28 When old soldier Samuel James deserted from the 52d Regiment of Foo—oh, wait, he's come back: bit.ly/gzObsI #
  • 23:38 From @jlpowers, call for pieces for anthology on children and war: bit.ly/i7rWMP #

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