J. L. BELL is a Massachusetts writer who specializes in (among other things) the start of the American Revolution in and around Boston. He is particularly interested in the experiences of children in 1765-75. He has published scholarly papers and popular articles for both children and adults. He was consultant for an episode of History Detectives, and contributed to a display at Minute Man National Historic Park.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Twitter Feed, 30 Jan-4 Feb 2011

  • RT @peterfrancisco: Remembering James Tate: Augusta #RevWar soldier. Battle of Cowpens and Battle of Guilford Courthouse ht.ly/3MHQI #
  • RT @AmerCreation: Another Recycled Post on John Adams' Unitarianism nblo.gs/dEARh #
  • RT @CricketinMaine: How can one ancestor cause so much TROUBLE? #genealogy #familyhistory #
  • RT @Aaron_Eyler: New A.P. Biology Is Ready, but U.S. History Isn't - NYTimes.com www.nytimes.com/2011/01/30/education/30advanced.html #
  • If Laurence Sterne had wanted TRISTRAM SHANDY to look like this, one presumes he would have had the printers effect it. bit.ly/dEPmKI #
  • Today's good news: Found copy of document I've been looking for for years. Today's bad news: Really neat theory blown out of the water. #
  • RT @56Signers: Robert Morris trivia: 1st 2 use $ sign in official govt correspondence! Face on $10 and $1000 bills in 19th century. #ushist #
  • RT @RagLinen: Want to see the first map of the United States (1784)? ow.ly/3NJhV #
  • Assange: "Our founding values are those of the U.S. revolution." aol.it/g2MGO3 Franklin certainly leaked sensitive documents in 1773. #
  • RT @illustr8r: Rare Martha Washington Letter Found at Cloud County Museum www.ksallink.com/?cmd=displaystory&story_id=16140 #
  • RT @56Signers: 5 Declaration of Independence signers captured & jailed by Brits. NONE tortured or killed as often said in email chain. #
  • RT @56Signers: Captured signers often treated with respect befitting ranking officers. (Not true of men from lower "classes.") #
  • RT @illustr8r: Archaeologists Uncover "Lost" Chess Pawns Used by James Madison and Thomas Jefferson bit.ly/hwsymc #revwar #teaparty #
  • RT @history_book: History of the Liverpool Privateers and Letters of Marque - by Gomer Williams [from 1897] amzn.to/gbA6mO #
  • RT @lucyinglis: 'We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another.' Jonathan Swift, 1711 #
  • RT @quackwriter: RT @TheLitDetective: I'm in @newscientist w/piece on 18th-c doctors investigating vampire reports: bit.ly/fqQ10z #
  • RT @SarahBrannen: Woohoo!!! twitpic.com/3w5xv4 // Boy on a man of war. [USS Constitution] #
  • RT @derekwbeck: British Gen. Henry Clinton's Secret Letter « bit.ly/eZewG5 #RevWar #
  • RT @2nerdyhistgirls: Intimate, but creepy, too: RT @kittenville Intimate Swift letters reproduced "baby talk" reut.rs/ggckKO // TMI! #
  • .@historying: "gold rush" on Google NGrams gives puzzling pattern" // What's puzzling? Also, try with capitals: bit.ly/f8UH2I #
  • RT @NYHistory: miniature portrait of NY Sons of Liberty leader Alexander McDougall from our collection: on.fb.me/gG07w1 #history #
  • From c1773, the large family of Elizabeth DePeyster and Charles Willson Peale: bit.ly/h1NWcF #
  • RT @FANGORIA: 1700s Exorcism movie with Jeff Bridges?! bit.ly/hjTCei #
  • RT @amhistorymuseum: Today in 1783: Britain issues Proclamation of Cessation of Hostilities in #RevWar. Grenadier's cap: ow.ly/3FZKL #
  • RT @FortTiconderoga: A spectacular pair of buff leather breeches, ca. 1780. fb.me/Du1wHWOV #
  • RT @AmericanHistFF: Today in History - Feb 4, 1789 - Electors unanimously chose George Washington 1st president of the United States. #
  • At NEW YORKER, Jill Lepore says winter of 1713 had more snow: nyr.kr/fqL0vi As if that makes it better. #
  • From @lucyinglis, great interview with Julie Flavell, author of WHEN LONDON WAS CAPITAL OF AMERICA: bit.ly/eBfdrF #
Loudtwitter seems to have gone down again, so this might be the last Twitter Feed post for a while.

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