J. L. BELL is a Massachusetts writer who specializes in (among other things) the start of the American Revolution in and around Boston. He is particularly interested in the experiences of children in 1765-75. He has published scholarly papers and popular articles for both children and adults. He was consultant for an episode of History Detectives, and contributed to a display at Minute Man National Historic Park.

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Saturday, February 02, 2013

The Revolution Will Be Televised

Last week I noted Melvin Bernstein’s esay on the change of government in Worcester on 6 Sept 1774. For folks interested in hearing more, check out the video of this TEDxEureka talk by Ray Raphael titled “Revolution: A Success Story.” Ray taught high school before becoming a full-time historian and author, so he’s a very engaging speaker.

If you’re looking for more than nine minutes on one episode, you can go to Open Yale Courses and take in Prof. Joanne Freeman’s “American Revolution”. There are twenty-five lectures, each about fifty minutes long, including:
One of my big regrets is that I never studied early American history in college. There were just too many courses on The Divine Comedy, Russian novels, and probability competing for my attention. Now I can catch up.

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John L Smith Jr said...

I "sat in" on all 25 lectures by Dr. Freeman about 6 months ago. As she is in her speaking engagements, so she is in the classroom. Funny, sarcastic and really enjoys teaching the subject - one can tell! You can listen to the audio of the class or watch the class on the screen. I highly recommend watching her because her expressions and gestures add to the enjoyment.