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Sunday, June 08, 2008

More Graven Images

After yesterday’s posting about carvings and lichen on gravestones, Boston 1775 reader Bob O’Hara sent me this welcome pointer to another online resource:

One of the most valuable (and least known) online resources for gravestone studies is the Farber Collection of gravestone photographs at the American Antiquarian Society. This collection was put online by David Rumsey as part of his website.

These are research-quality images of more than 9000 stones, most from eastern New England and most made prior to 1800. The website uses a special interface making it a bit tricky, but allowing for a good deal of special control. (Click the “Insight Browser” link on the main page for access.)
David Rumsey’s site is mainly devoted to his map collection. But it also includes a lot more.

Bob also offers us a gallery of his own photographs of New England gravestones from the late 1700s, from Fitchburg’s first burying ground. And I’ll note the Dublin Seminar’s two volumes on Puritan gravestone art.

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