J. L. BELL is a Massachusetts writer who specializes in (among other things) the start of the American Revolution in and around Boston. He is particularly interested in the experiences of children in 1765-75. He has published scholarly papers and popular articles for both children and adults. He was consultant for an episode of History Detectives, and contributed to a display at Minute Man National Historic Park.

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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Twitter Feed, 30 Jan-8 Feb 2010

  • Brian Donahue to speak Wed, 10 Feb, about farming in Minute Man National Park: www.friendsofminuteman.org/blog/?p=643 #
  • New resource from NEHGS on African-American genealogy: bit.ly/cRpZao #
  • Most New Hampshire state senators are female—but state constitution from 1783 speaks only of "all men." Amendment time? bit.ly/cPxhif #
  • RT @LooknBackward: Newer approaches to writing history by Drake Bennett in BOSTON GLOBE: shar.es/aNNjn #
  • NPR interview about BIRTHRIGHT, history of James Annesley, young heir kidnapped to America in 1700s: bit.ly/9Uyn1l #
  • Profile of Revolutionary Concord tour guide & author Joseph L. Andrews from BOSTON GLOBE: bit.ly/94HrCO #
  • DAR to rededicate recovered plaque on Lexington common on Patriots Day, marking site of Old Belfry in 1775. #
  • RT @BorowitzReport: People talk about an "unruly mob," but is a mob ever ruly? // See 1774 court closings & Powder Alarm in Massachusetts? #
  • RT @lucyinglis: bit.ly/aXiReQ // Did Britain's pioneering obstetricians also murder pregnant women to study their anatomy? #
  • Review of Boston exhibit of Luis Melendez, 18th-c Spanish still life painter: bit.ly/9ga46y #
  • RT @Harvard_Press: Abigail Adams teaches you about e-mailing: bit.ly/9XP8Dc #
  • RT @DedhamHistory: 1733: Eleven prominent men purchase a plot of land to build an Episcopal Church. It won't be constructed until 1758. #
  • RT @bencarp: Video of "Teapot in a Tempest: The Boston Tea Party of 1773 (Part 1)" from Old South on Forum Network [link] #
  • RT @bencarp: "Teapot in a Tempest: The Boston Tea Party of 1773 (Part 2)" on Forum Network forum-network.org/node/23536 #
  • RT @PaulRevere1734: Feb 1764 my family among those visited with Small-Pox, reported to selectmen but would not remove my child to Pesthouse. #
  • New online exhibit about Silence Dogood (aka young Benjamin Franklin) from the Massachusetts Historical Socy: bit.ly/c99bwz #
  • Got to hear C. S. Manegold speak on TEN HILLS FARM at 6:30, but couldn't get to Concord to hear Bill Fowler speak on Newburgh at 8:00. #
  • A redcoat private who escaped from Continental captivity and made it back to the British army for life: bit.ly/9NnH0C #
  • Plan for Boston history museum on Rose Kennedy Greenway loses state support: bit.ly/cYy9PV Tough fundraising time already. #
  • RT @HistoryNet: AmH: America's Worst Winter Ever: Forget Valley Forge. The Morristown winter of 1779-80 bit.ly/bdvYcZ #
  • Beverly church raises $200K for roof by selling Paul Revere ewer: bit.ly/azxssn More detail: bit.ly/5ss13a #
  • David Waldstreicher reviews Michael Kranish's FLIGHT FROM MONTICELLO in BOSTON GLOBE: bit.ly/a9f6HP #
  • .@JBD1: perfect LT profile pic for John Jeffries - is.gd/7Drg1 // For more on Jeffries's adventures: bit.ly/a7B4IV #
  • RT @FakeAPStylebook: When composing the church newsletter, be careful not to confuse 'sexton' with 'sexting.' #
  • Boston Area Early American History Seminar invites paper proposals for upcoming year: bit.ly/b78SqA #
  • RT @magpie: "In The 18th Century" - twlol.com/tw/?v3-30327 #lol // It's hard out there for a baron. #
  • New British literary prize for historical fiction: bit.ly/aqS139 #
  • NEHGS's NEW ENGLAND ANCESTORS magazine to become AMERICAN ANCESTORS. Cuz, like, we rule. #
  • Researching African-Americans in Pre-Civil War New England, lecture at NEHGS, Boston, 24 Feb: bit.ly/99ugl2 #
  • A quick history of Boston's State House dome from Looking Backward: bit.ly/dgKJh7 #
  • Researching early American crime through the Readex newspaper database: bit.ly/bLqi66 #
  • RT @PaulRevereHouse: We've just linked our flickr photostream to our facebook page. bit.ly/d1tt6p #
  • RT @teachinghistory: In a new lesson plan, EdSITEment looks at the founding fathers' views on slavery: bit.ly/bKmCKc #
  • RT @Jurretta: How do today's students do research? Some interesting--and sobering--data: bit.ly/8XjDBK #
  • RT @HistoryNet: America's Disastrous Invasion of Quebec: Washington's plan to invade Canada in 1775 ended in disaster. bit.ly/aDMKAu #
  • RT @wcaleb: UPenn Press announces SHEAR Prize awarded yearly (w/contract) to book manuscript on N. America 1776-1861 bit.ly/ceYPSm #
  • RT @lucyinglis: Princess Serafina: London's First Recorded Drag Artist post.ly/Lfdi #georgianlondon #
  • The word "southpaw" predates organized baseball by about three decades: bit.ly/98cPj8 #
  • RT @history_geek: Me: "I need get these old slides digitized." Undergrad: "Wow, I've never seen one of these before." #
  • Patriots Day pageant in Lancaster, Mass., 1912: bit.ly/9jFiDl #
  • Slowly growing collection of online historical resources about Massachusetts: bit.ly/cuzc0P #
  • Hardcore History podcast considers if violent child-rearing methods contributed to brutal societies: bit.ly/9SqN4q #
  • RT @TJMonticello: Pictures from today's snowstorm at Monticello: bit.ly/cb2iH5 Current temperature in Charlottesville: 17F. #


Corporal Dalton said...

It seems to links to "Teapot in a Tempest: The Boston Tea Party of 1773" aren't working.
Even so, I do enjoy these Twitter updates! I've always been so bored by the inane updates that a vast majority of people post to it. Thank you for putting a shot of fascinating stories into the otherwise mostly empty wasteland that is Twitter.

J. L. Bell said...

Thanks for the heads-up! I tracked down where those links should go, and I think they’ll work now.

(The key to making this Twitter feed look so full of content is that I edit out most of my inane chatter before posting it here.)