J. L. BELL is a Massachusetts writer who specializes in (among other things) the start of the American Revolution in and around Boston. He is particularly interested in the experiences of children in 1765-75. He has published scholarly papers and popular articles for both children and adults. He was consultant for an episode of History Detectives, and contributed to a display at Minute Man National Historic Park.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Twitter Feed, 5-12 May 2010

  • RT @history_book: Lafayette: Hero of the American Revolution - by Gonzague Saint Bris - Pegasus. amzn.to/bcrThx #
  • RT @SecondVirginia: Tips on hand stitching for reproduction clothing bit.ly/cUjLGI #
  • RT @CivicEducation: Today on the podcast: whether a president should be eligible for reelection. ow.ly/1GZdA #USHistory #civics #
  • Arlington, Mass., citizen wants town to promote itself as birthplace of Samuel (Uncle Sam) Wilson in 1766: bit.ly/aue1yh #
  • RT @history_book: The Story of Historic Fort Steuben (OH) (Landmarks) - by John R. Holmes et al. amzn.to/9DaZDw #
  • RT @history_book: World of Thomas Jeremiah: Charles Town [SC] on the Eve of the American Revolution—William R. Ryan amzn.to/cdb1bh #
  • From @RagLinen, clippings from the start of the American tea crisis in 1773: bit.ly/bfCbrt #
  • RT @Thos_Jefferson: RT @elecray7k: An open letter to the gentleman who gave us a tour of Monticello - bit.ly/cInyVH #
  • Dispute between teenage lieutenant & fortysomething corporal in British army, 1779 — rank wins: bit.ly/9Wlqss #
  • Hard to interpret gravestone from 1749 Providence: bit.ly/bmHxD3 #
  • NY TIMES review of UMass professor's biography of Betsy Ross by Pulitzer-winning Harvard professor: nyti.ms/9DAkVs #
  • Oregon's Tea Party Bookstore to change name: bit.ly/ccPwhL Would sympathize more if store gave right date for Boston Tea Party. #
  • Joseph Ellis on why the notion of the US founders' "original meaning" is a historical fallacy: bit.ly/cqmOCV #
  • @jmadelman We know from examples of Marshall, Chase, Story &al. that Jefferson preferred justices who supported HIM. As do all Presidents. #
  • @jmadelman Knowing what the Founders thought has been Joe Ellis's schtick for several books now. #
  • RT @footnote: The Second Continental Congress met today in 1775. See the actual transcript here fnote.it/22 #history #ushistory #
  • RT @rjseaver: posted transcription of RevWar Pension affidavit of Mary Row for Amenuensis Monday - see tinyurl.com/RSAMrwp #genealogy #
  • RT @magpie: J. Q. Adams had lovely penmanship. // His parents chided him about neatness in his early letters. #
  • RT @PaulRevereHouse: Though we don't "celebrate" it, 10th is the anniversary of Paul Revere's death in 1818. bit.ly/9dxQuC #
  • RT @gordonbelt: Tim Talbott asks "How Much History is Lost to Bad Handwriting?" bit.ly/dzjo5V #
  • RT @gordonbelt: Finding Franklin: A Resource Guide from the @librarycongress bit.ly/azsk6U #
  • RT @SecondVirginia: Examination of Washington's life through paintings in the Virginia Historical Society exhibition bit.ly/amvTqX #
  • RT @PaulRevere1734: This day 1761 in court charged w assault on Thos. Fosdick-I plead not guilty. A fine of 6/8 and expenses. #

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