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Friday, October 03, 2014

Just One More History Comic

Adventure Comics, #296, from May 1962 featured a story titled “Benjamin Franklin’s Super-Reporter.” It was drawn by Al Plastino, and some fans think the script was by Bill Finger, best known for co-creating Batman.

The story, according to someone who’s actually read it:
When Jonathan, Clark, and Martha Kent see their picture in an American newspaper from Revolutionary War days with a headline that they perished during a party, Superboy takes all three of them back in time to what turns out to be a parallel universe in which they have an adventure with Ben Franklin and other heroes of the Revolution, and are presumed wrongly to have died during a fire at the Boston Tea Party.
You remember the fire at the Boston Tea Party, right? And how at the time that event occurred, Benjamin Franklin wasn’t in London watching his career implode?

The back of this comic book offered another Revolutionary diversion.
That is less than one penny per soldier! The thing is, these plastic soldiers were all small and thin, practically two-dimensional.

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John L. Smith said...

Of course. The "Great Boston Tea Party Fire". Who could forget that?