J. L. BELL is a Massachusetts writer who specializes in (among other things) the start of the American Revolution in and around Boston. He is particularly interested in the experiences of children in 1765-75. He has published scholarly papers and popular articles for both children and adults. He was consultant for an episode of History Detectives, and contributed to a display at Minute Man National Historic Park.

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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Twitter Feed, 23-31 May 2010

  • @jmadelman Yes, Texas history standards still include ancient Rome, but only the REPUBLICAN period. #stuffimakeup #
  • Current reading – R. Arthur Bowler, LOGISTICS & THE FAILURE OF THE BRITISH ARMY IN AMERICA, 1775-1783. #
  • "An army of up to 65,000 operating thousands of miles from its supply base…No European government had faced such a task since Roman times." #
  • Profile of Elizabeth (Peck) Perkins, widowed businesswoman in Revolutionary Boston: bit.ly/d0a3un #
  • NY TIMES columnist David Brooks pits Thomas Paine and Edmund Burke against each other: nyti.ms/cLZvbg #
  • RT @PaulRevereHouse: Slight change for Sat, June 5 event – Henry Cooke, Tailor extraordinaire will be at the museum bit.ly/aRxUp9 #
  • George & Martha Washington juggling their household staff in Philadelphia to ensure those slaves didn't become free: bit.ly/aAmB4U #
  • From @lucyinglis, a profile of Peter the "Wild Boy" (c1710-1785), brought to England in 1725: bit.ly/9KBl8Q #
  • Ladies' high hair fashions in Paris, 1777: bit.ly/bcwJE7 Of course, Paris was a long way from recently Puritan wartime Boston. #
  • RT @2palaver: Concord lodge stumbles on Mason 'jewels' made by Paul Revere? bit.ly/9dIZGb // There were other silversmith Masons #
  • RT @russeltarr: The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, 1674-1913: Great history resource: tinyurl.com/lrxk2w #
  • RT @PaulRevereHouse: To honor the 150th anniversary of "Paul Revere's Ride" our summer Teacher Workshop features poetry bit.ly/a1TBUd #
  • Someone actually made it thru the Revolutionary War with the name Polycarpus Snell: bit.ly/90Ts2q (Looks like a MAYFLOWER descendant) #
  • Looking for iron cannon cast during Revolutionary War at Salisbury, Conn.: bit.ly/bnHyqc #
  • Abigail Adams talks politics with Dr Benjamin Rush in an 1800 letter just bought by Massachusetts Historical Socy: bit.ly/amLhy6 #
  • RT @JBD1: folks inventorying Hancock's library got bored. Entries toward end lump titles together (i.e. "Shakespeare and Spectator"), &c. #
  • Via @JBD1, podcast lecture on the reconstruction of Thomas Jefferson's library: bit.ly/ag7vJE #
  • BOSTON GLOBE urges Walpole, Mass., football fans to make mascots of Rebels of 1775, not those of 1861: bit.ly/9IVpUT #
  • Honored US 6th Amendment and Massachusetts Declaration of Rights today: showed up for jury duty. #
  • .@AlPike: "Walpole could've opted for Federalist Rebels of 1814." // True, but Walpole has a tradition of winning. #
  • Call for papers for journal issue on Seven Years' War in a global perspective: bit.ly/czFrgO #
  • From @LizB, review of two children's books about George Washington, George III, and spying: bit.ly/94BFSF #
  • BOSTON GLOBE column with links on investigating Benjamin Franklin's kite-flying experiment: bit.ly/9JxYK7 #
  • Pvt Augustus Barrett of the British 22d Regiment, the British 24th Regiment—and the 16th Massachusetts Regiment: bit.ly/aeNMYh #
  • Visiting John Hancock's younger brother, who got a financial bailout and later a valuable Continental job: bit.ly/a8hFwl #
  • Parallels between the politicization of debate over climate science with politicization of debate over relativity? bit.ly/c5DAIK #
  • RT @wceberly: 256 yrs today, May 28, 1754, Lieutenant Colonel George Washington begins French & Indian War bit.ly/bz6Ys4 #
  • RT @history_geek: Betsy Ross, Out of the Parlor bit.ly/bGPA3G #
  • RT @jmadelman: Nifty take RT @KevinLevin Interesting post on historical movies at "Past in the Present" bit.ly/aPijSZ #
  • RT @jmadelman: The post has John Adams about right on creating an environment, even if the inaccuracies and shortcomings bother me. #
  • RT @universalhub: What if Boston had become an island city? bit.ly/9vex0x #
  • RT @amhistorymuseum: Today in 1790: Rhode Island becomes 13th state to ratify Constitution. Spinning frame from 1790: ow.ly/1RmUO #
  • May need to visit Museum of London during my next trip: bit.ly/bKctty #
  • A regular podcast for living-history and SCA reenactors: bit.ly/b9HZWp #
  • Rick Beyer & Lexington Historical Socy's FIRST SHOT film won award from American Association of State & Local History! bit.ly/d1C3cO #
  • Learned that artist Jef Czekaj deserves credit for school-play concept in UNITE OR DIE picture book on Constitution: bit.ly/6nRaB #
  • @historianess I ADORE Sir John Soane's Museum. I subject all my relatives to visiting it. That way they understand my decorating tastes. #
  • RT @history_book: Sublime Invention: Ballooning in Europe, 1783-1820 (The Enlightenment World) - by Michael R. Lynn. amzn.to/bg4YYM #
  • NY TIMES review of Jack Rakove's REVOLUTIONARIES: nyti.ms/duXmd5 #


Corporal Dalton said...

The link for the Museum of London doesn't appear to be working, I'm afraid...

J. L. Bell said...

Thanks for the alert. The Twitter feed inserts a couple of spaces into some lines, according to a pattern I can’t discern; if those spaces fall inside the code for a link, it get disrupted. I’ve fixed that link now, and appreciate any other warnings.

Heather Rojo said...

I enjoyed the story about Washington and his slaves in Philadelphia, but there was no mention of Ona Judge, his slave who DID runaway to Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Her story lives on here in New Hampshire folklore, through a poem, children's books and even a play in 2000 performed in Portsmouth. J. Dennis Robinson has written about her several times on his New Hampshire history website.