J. L. BELL is a Massachusetts writer who specializes in (among other things) the start of the American Revolution in and around Boston. He is particularly interested in the experiences of children in 1765-75. He has published scholarly papers and popular articles for both children and adults. He was consultant for an episode of History Detectives, and contributed to a display at Minute Man National Historic Park.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Twitter Feed, 9-16 June 2010

  • RT @KevinLevin: "Myths That Should By Now Be History" from your friends at Colonial Williamsburg bit.ly/9eL9Q9 #historyteacher #
  • RT @WilliamHogeland: Mindblowing digital #WilliamBlake archive: www.blakearchive.org/blake/main.html #
  • Tonight at NEHGS in Boston, 6:00: Maureen Taylor speaks on her book LAST MUSTER, collecting photos of Revolutionary War Generation #
  • Tonight at Folsom Tavern in Exeter, NH, 7:00: Ben Z. Rose talks about Gen John Stark #
  • Tonight at Shirley-Eustis House in Roxbury, 5:00: Prof Robert Allison concludes lecture series on Massachusetts in the British Empire. #
  • Tonight at my house, about 8:00: collapsing from a surfeit of historical events to choose from. #
  • RT @Britannica: "Founders envy" leads to foundering politics. Let's move beyond it, says Joe Lane. bit.ly/dszZe6 #
  • The British Consul in Boston is surprisingly tall. I'm just saying. #
  • Wiley's NON SEQUITUR comic strip takes on constitutional originalism: www.gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2010/06/10/ #
  • Historic New England's searchable database of collections and artifacts: bit.ly/9SJtBM #
  • Review of Rachel Hope Cleves's book on political response to French Revolution in USA: bit.ly/b6m8xP #
  • John Dixon, sentenced to die for burglary in 1784, and (at first) refusing to play the condemned man's expected role: bit.ly/cuCOCT #
  • Actual tea from the Boston Tea Party, collected from the salt water: bit.ly/dgsiUM #
  • Looking at a life sentence through eighteenth-century American eyes: bit.ly/bKEIMq #
  • RT @historyfaculty: Rare photo of slave children found in NC attic: bit.ly/dodvGm #
  • RT @historyfaculty: D.C.'s Jefferson Memorial is Sinking: bit.ly/9JPfpz // Actually just the sea wall out front. Or is water rising? #
  • RT @PaulRevere1734: This day 1768: Customs officials seized John Hancock's sloop Liberty on charge of landing undutied goods. #
  • RT @history_book: War at Sea Under Queen Anne 1702-1708 - by John Hely Owen. amzn.to/a7AgBe #
  • RT @history_book: Bookseller of the Last Century: Being Some Account of the Life of John Newbery - by Charles Welsh amzn.to/c505kr #
  • RT @SecondVirginia: Charleston SC gets new historical marker commemorating the 1780 siege and surrender bit.ly/9WLSoB #
  • RT @rjseaver: #scgs10 Maureen: last living RevWar widow died in 1906. Esther Damon married Noah Damon when he 75, she 20 #
  • Doubts about reported photo of enslaved kids from @KevinLevin bit.ly/aML9eN and Tim Abbott bit.ly/c70v4i #
  • RT @myHNN: What lies beneath: the fakes, mistakes and discoveries at the National Gallery bit.ly/96DiJc #
  • RT @amhistorymuseum: Today in 1743: Francis Dana, member of the 1777 Continental Congress, is born. His silk waistcoat: ow.ly/1WRGM #
  • Francis Dana became USA's first minister to Russia, but Catherine the Great refused to receive him and his young asst, John Quincy Adams. #
  • Early ballooning in London via @lucyinglis: bit.ly/9Xg90c A Bostonian gets in on the action: bit.ly/bWizji #
  • Gravestone showing the frightened soul of Elizbeth Huntington, Windham, CT, 1729: bit.ly/95zdn1 #
  • In ad, Alabama GOP candidate complains about taxation to faux Samuel Adams, ignorant that Adams was tax collector: bit.ly/9oIy9F #
  • RT @WilliamHogeland: #JohnAdams:"What a poor, ignorant,crapulous mass is #TomPaine's Common Sense." // Tell us how you feel, John! #
  • RT @alberkes: Here's a lovely article in the New York Times about TJ's travels in Burgundy. bit.ly/98O2uO #
  • RT @TJMonticello: We need your help to solve an honest-to-goodness historical mystery from Jefferson's weather records: bit.ly/aoRXEL #
  • RT @franceshunter: Botany, history, spies & the fate of early America - plus a book giveaway. All this week - bit.ly/c2tvAf #
  • RT @WilliamHogeland: "calls G. Washington, as distiller, a 'small businessman'? (Whiskey rebels would have laughed.)" // Amazing ignorance. #
  • .@historianess But for candidates like this one, it appears that representation counts only if his choice wins and does what he says. #
  • @WilliamHogeland I THINK he means that IRS employees aren't directly elected, but that doesn't help his case on the stupid meter. #
  • Historian Laurel Thatcher Ulrich popularizes material history in the DESERET NEWS: bit.ly/9RqAYi #
  • This weekend in Deerfield, MA: Dublin Seminar/Costume Society of America conference on "Dressing New England": bit.ly/9IJdP0 #
  • Mini American Revolution summarizes capture of Fort Ticonderoga in nine blog entries: bit.ly/aTmKIv #
  • Pvt James Cuffe managed to desert from His Majesty's 62d and 22d Regiments AND the 12th Massachusetts: bit.ly/9JI38Y #
  • RT @classroomtools: Questioning How is history used to deceive in this political ad youtu.be/6iQ7ZDUutU4 is critical thinking #


Kyle Dalton said...

The criminal punishment series you've had recently has been fascinating, but the link to the perspective on life sentences appears to be broken...

It is sad that the history of our Founding is so often used and neglected in the same stroke. Commercials like these aught to be one of the biggest driving motivations to encourage better education!

J. L. Bell said...

Ah, that problem with the feed again. I’ve fixed the link, and clicking on the “#” at the end of an item will take one to the original tweet, which should be intact.

I think part of what it means to be a nation is to invoke the national myths and identity on behalf of whatever cause you support. Having the national myths rooted in history and philosophical ideals seems preferable to defining ourselves through unprovable religious ideas or quack science. But all the more reason to keep the history accurate and complete!

John L. Smith said...

I caught your own Twitter event (@ your house at 8 p.m. Friday night) in the galley of listed events, J.L. Nothing can slip through, ya' know.